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7 April 2010

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Ferida aberta...
6 April 2010

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Red Tulipes...
4 April 2010

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2 April 2010

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Nascer 1
3 March 2010

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1 March 2010

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A fortaleza
25 February 2010

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O tecelão
24 February 2010

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A Trama
22 February 2010

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Voando á Lua
18 February 2010

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15 February 2010

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Blue and Blue
15 September 2009

Recent Comments

omid on fly by moonlight
wooow! very nice & so beautiful!!! Lovely!

Curly on fly by moonlight
Great to get these two elements in the one frame.

jay on fly by moonlight
Awesome with the moon in the background !!

Miodrag Nadlački on Circus#
Bravo , majstore !!

Skyriani on Circus#
Happy New Year, Carlos!

Bishop on Circus#
Nice... it seems like there someone on the other end of the ring! :)

Bishop on Circus#
wonderful low-light stop-action capture! :)

Cruz on Circus#

Farnaaz on Sobre as Águas...
A very strange and nice photo .

Farnaaz on Marcada pelo Tempo
Bella donna. Un ritratto perfetto.

Farnaaz on Roses...
They are very beautiful . With that black background they seem perfect . Just they are not Roses , they are Tulips !

missparis on Circus#
Quelle grâce !

Shahryar on Ferida sarada
interesting capture :)

Shahryar on Sobre as Águas...
great.well done :)

Shahryar on Circus#
nice capture :)

cassiel on Sobre as Águas...

cassiel on Nebulado
I like the fx, give a human view

Yusuf Adamu on Faraó

Yusuf Adamu on Espargata
Smart shot.

cassiel on Roses...
Bella captura

cassiel on Espargata
Extraordinaria, maravillosa captura!

Joan Felix on Espargata
perfect shot.. perfect timing

David on Roses...
You captured the soft light beautifully.

Moridi on Roses...
Beautiful. Good form. Thank you.

studio17a on Pelas cores
Nice shot, well done !

cassiel on Pelas cores
Beauty Moon

Rosa on Pelas cores
Gosto da textura suave e do azul-cinzento :)

cassiel on Pilus
Que es?

cassiel on Vermelho, Azul e Verde...
Un muy buena captura de oportunidad!

cassiel on Seguro
Buena composición, me agradan los tonos

cassiel on Verruga
Muy buen retrato, capturaste muy bien la expresion facial

Olivier on Vermelho, Azul e Verde...
Red and blue for complicity...good!

David on Girassol 1
The lone bee is the frosting on the cake.

David on Verruga
This is a fun portrait!

Loner on Verruga
An amusing portrait ! Has he lost his walros moustache ?

Bishop on O Alqueva pela janela
The doorway forms a nice frame for the image, however there is something missing there - an object for the eye to focus ...

Daryl Johnson on Girassol 1
I like your processing of his - really glowing!

Wenche on O Alqueva pela janela
Wow....that is really, really beautiful! Makes me wish I was there - a wonderful, magical window to the beautiful ...

Loner on Girassol 1
A very nice sunflower with the little bee ! Thank you very much for adding my blog to your watching blog !

theys on Girassol 1

Self-Indulgence on Rose
You are definitely skilled at flora. Very beautiful, soft, like a water color.

Hellag on Papoilas ao pôr do Sol
que saudades tenho de papoilas, no campo: às vezes ainda via nas bermas das estradas mas agora não! que ...

Self-Indulgence on Papoilas ao pôr do Sol
Paper fragile and beautiful!

Cruz on Cactus
stunning--great light and I like how it is not quite centered on the page.

Bishop on Velha porcelana
like just rescued from the sands of time! :)

Shahryar on Equilibrismo
very interesting shot :)

Paul on Nascer 1
Very nice shot

cassiel on O tecelão
bons detalhes e cores na imagem

cassiel on O vermelho da Carris
Eu adoro tons!

cassiel on A toque de caixa
Boa foto, estou feliz. o círculo é um instrumento musical?

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